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Thank you to everyone who contributed to the Haiku Club's 2015 HaikuWriMo! =D (Big Grin)

Floating  The Spirit Award was a tie between:
  • EphemeralEloquence
    - Comments were wonderful, warm and sometimes even so fun they sparked further conversation (:
  • Weidenlied
    - For all the wonderful comments s/he has left for others, from large and insightful feedback's and commentary to simple praise and encouragement
    - Always dropped by with the most supportive, positive comments, making you smile and happy to carry on.

Winner  First Place goes to day 10 by Formel

What a wonderful way to describe falling blossoms; beautiful!

2015 April HaikuWriMo21/04/2015
on bus ride
brown blurs into green
trees fly by
standing mute
forest silence
condemns me
is this sharp?
bleeding fingertip
snowfall of
apricot petals
blown away
golden mist
steeple with cross
by gentle hills
hit a wall
it's anyone's guess
why I did
empty grave
they found redemption
the third day
sun and rain
- devil's beating his wife -
gramps'd say
cloud layers
stormy grey to fluff
sun spears through
fresh-green fields
sprout, tenacity
at its best

Winner  Second Place goes to day 5 by Weidenlied

I love the closing line

HaikuWriMo 2015#1: April's Fool! April, April!
Du dachtest wohl
es würd der Frühling kommen.
April, April!
And you thought
Spring was coming.
April's fool!
#2: Firefly
I light my matches
and set the flies afire
still not beautiful.
#3: Zaubertrank I
Drei Flaumfedern und
eine handvoll Krokusduft
gelöst in Honig
wird im Garten zu Frühling
und in der Stadt zu Lachen.
#4: Magischer Moment/ Magic Moment
In mondfinst'rer Nacht
auf taubenetzter Heide
das Lied der Pappel.
In moondarkenend night
on dew- moistened heather
the cottonwood's song.
#5: Zaubtertrank II /Magic Potion II
Das Fläschchen voll Glück
aus Regen und Sonnenschein
zaubert ein Lächeln.
The bottle full of luck
made from rain and sunshine
casts a smile.
#6: Frühlingstraum/ Dream of Spring
Ein leises Flüstern
schimmert zwischen Eichblättern
Persephone träumt.
A silent whisper
shimmering between oak leaves
Persephone dreams.
#7: Birth of a poem
Stuck behind my throat
all those words piling up

Winner  Third Place goes to day 2 by 50ftBuddha

It's such a wonderful look at complacent everyday life, transformed by poetry

HaikuWriMo 201519. Herstory
      Silken raven strands
      contain stories of their own
      tresses in my hands
      become an erotic tome
      read in whispered fervent tones.
18. Dirigible
       Vacant eyes staring
       hollow bones and empty soul
       lift me from this world.
17. Love Lost: Southern Discomfort
       Forbidden grey dawn
       dew trickling down moss-encrusted
       live oaks drooped low; thick.
       The cock crows hesitantly
       seeming unsure of night's break.
       Wet cold mists hover
       clinging gossamer veil
       mourning shrouded day
       and love's fated bloom whispering
       in farewell's steady deluge.

Honorable Mentions go to:

Star!  day 10 by EphemeralEloquence

2015 April HaikuWriMo13. Silence Sacred
Hush, hush, don't speak now.
The silence is like a veil,
shrouding us in night.
Behind its screen, we are a
deep mystery, kept from light.
12. Morning Bus Stop
The crisp morning air
is tugging on my skirt hem,
begging me to dance
beneath a yellowing skyline
and a thin grin of a moon.
11. Nostalgia
Homesick reverie
is a spring rain in my chest
with you beside me.
10. Mystic
The skin of the trees
is rough, cracked, and puzzling.
I read the riddles
concealed in the fractured bark
with fingers as callused and scarred.
09. Sixteen
We give too much when
we are sixteen and in love;
we lose it all when
we are desperate to gain
everything by gaining love.
08. Broken
Sallow skin and scars
may define her brokenness,
but her strength defines beauty.
07. All I Ask of You
Promises of love
and protection fall like snow,
soft and enchanting.
Stolen kisses bloom amidst
winter like sweet camellia.
Betrayed and denied,

Star!  day 6 by Lady-Yume

2015 April HaikuWriMoDay 30 ~ "full circle"
start at the end
finish at the beginning –
  i am full circle
Day 29 ~ "irresistible"
soft spoken
you call to me, irresistible –
  right now, perfect
Day 28 ~ "words"
connect me to you –
  souls on paper
Day 27 ~ "flight of the bird"
spread wings
  fly me away,
on breaths
  blown by gods,
horizons far
  tell your tale,
your existence –
  leave your mark.
Day 26 ~ "clocks"
teasing you wide awake
  grinning constantly.
Day 25 ~ "sakura"
cherry blossoms spiral –
     no answer
Day 24 ~ "humour"
trial and error
we are old friends –
still they wonder
  why black edges
  my jokes.
Day 23 ~ "cards"
shuffle my heart
take a chance on a diamond –
  beware the joker smile
Day 22 ~ "pastoral"
truth on tr

Star!  day 4 by Louis-Desormeaux

2015 April HaikuWriMo1
Mouse feet,
A little tempter, 
Ready, aim,
the cigarette falls,
Discarded lent bread
sustains these lowly creatures
beneath gargoyles.
mirror the sales
of skirts.
Workman's jackhammer.
The cost of a summerhouse
to sleeping babies.
Self-effacing worm
grovels with twice the respect
at meeting the spade.
A lone spring fledgling.
McDonalds chicken nugget
to a passing fox.
The virus,
surely a winter kigo-
In fresh spring sunshine
a Japanese master sits
an 'Ipad' in hand.
He's trawling the internet
searching for sub-par Tanka.
The maypole MP
master choreographer
of kissing babies.
Farmers confetti
seems to only seed seagulls
in dawn dug furrows.

Special thanks go to murasakiriyu, RedDragonfly, and saiun for providing prizes.



long day's drive-
the sparkling city
fills the valley
high heels black dress
makeup and hair dye-
who IS that in the mirror?
free range chickens
ranging all over the barn
horses step carefully
driving into the sunset
I don't need to see
to know I'm going home
Dragonboat race Renga 14-west
For the Haiku Club's Dragonboat Renga Race…

Check out my AWESOME teammates:
a nightmare
my loved ones dead
so much destroyed
upon waking I realized
all that was gone
all who were gone
the dream was real

convinced to talk
I cried as we walked
my hand tight
around his hand

a butterfly appeared
on this chilly spring morning
fluttered in my husband's face
stopped us on the sidewalk

At this time
I am dead,
but don't cry,
I am also here.
I am also there,
in the little house
with the four o'clocks.
Anywhen you want to be,
I am also there.

I see,
I see you,
I see you alive and free
as a blue butterfly
with no time and no space
separating us
Dad's advice
Wow. This one really wanted to be told today. Yes, this is a real memory.
I wish I could hang on to the 'we all all connected' feeling longer,
it is such a peaceful feeling.

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