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The Black Cat Brigade
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I've joined Patreon! I will be posting haiku sets and gathering $ to publish a chapbook and more. $2 per set or more if you choose. Sample sets for Seasonal and Haikuwrimo sets are live.


I've joined Patreon! I will be posting haiku sets and gathering $ to publish a chapbook and more. $2 per set or more if you choose. Sample sets for Seasonal and Haikuwrimo sets are live.
We had an amazing turnout this month.  Thank you to everyone who contributed to the Haiku Club's 2015 Shining Wind Contest! =D

:winner:  First Place goes to singing with the wind senryu by cattservant

I like the simple imagery and rhythm.  It paints a beautiful moment watching a blackbird perched in cattails, swaying in the breeze.  The last line is a gem, too.

singing with the wind
windy afternoon
supple cattails bend and sway
his world is motion

:winner:  Second Place goes to makani tanka by jade-pandora

A hopeful and uplifting image of springtime for a family on the islands.  Love the use of personification and of course the hopeful vibe in this piece.

Makanifledgling I'o hawk calls
and an answer returns
on the wind;
before its first flight

:winner:  Third Place goes to falling tanka by Formel

A striking turn in this poem, from the fear of falling to the ease of flight.

Fallingby the sheer cliff edge
vertigo clutches my heart
thinking of falling...
a freshly feathered chick
breeze catches new wings and lifts

Honorable Mentions go to:

:star:  persephone's yawn sedoka by deinktvis

The gentle intimacy of this piece perfectly captures the "waking" analogy of spring.

persephone's yawnshe mutters,
slowly waking up,
flipping her pillow:
spring's first kiss,
still on the cool side,
but warmed by the sun.

:star:  levanter haiku by hopeburnsblue

The hopeful and inspiring tone of this work makes it my favorite.  This is the heart of Spring.

LevanterTeach me to be brave,
Golden winds of love and change,
That I too may soar.

:star:  alpenfoehn tanka by Weidenlied

Absolutely gorgeous imagery and lovely romantic tone.
Alpenfoehn (tanka)Hints of sand and heat
of pomegranate and cacti
woven around me
suffused with palm tree kisses
a dream of warmth in the snow.

Special thanks go to hopeburnsblue, RedDragonfly, and saiun for judging the contest, and Dreamworld88, GrannyJae, RedDragonfly, and saiun for providing prizes.
late morning
sunbathing turtles
under the cafe table

highway gas station
bored cashiers
watch the cars go by

up early and dressed
now what to do
if not go to work

on the news
I dream again
of the broken bridge
the shaking house

cold rain
no one else in the park
walking a dog

must have been a year ago
three years
really? three years.

a dream of friends
long gone
woke up crying
in your arms
is where I belong

I like my friend's
better than what I got

soothing music
the highway
backed up for miles

looking into empty cup
again I forgot
to make tea

waiting for a package
tracking number
auto-pastes in

new restaurant
we have to try
a bit of everything

messy beer grain for horses
I smell like a brewery
drive carefully home

what to wear to spring party?
all my jeans
covered in mud

spring snow
wet and heavy
creaking branches

ex-co-worker outside the store
we go back for more

cold wind
stops the cats
on the windowsill

down in the mud
soaked to brown
one rope halter- mine?

morning hike
bicycle tracks hoofprints
sidewinder trail

another pen
where I must have put it
months ago

crying this morning
can't face the world
without Visine

grilled cheese sandwich
buttering one side
burning the other

first green leaves-
still raking up
last year's

I walk the muddy pasture
with a towel and blanket
my horse is dry
driving the others out
into the rain

Easter morning
singing to the dawn

walking to lunch
peach blossoms shaking
in light rain

prayer flag twitching
now then nothing
barely-there breeze

bright sunny day
it's cold
inside the house

out of the wind
into the shelter
of my horse's shadow

hurrying home
the mountain has vanished
behind clouds
2015 HaikuWriMo

27. I was in the 1989 Loma Prieta quake. Any earthquake news always sets off tons of dreams- I also cannot stop watching it.
warm wind and daylight
after the long dark winter
I hear her hoofbeats
barn doors closed against the chill
she is galloping toward spring
Galloping Wind
for the Shining Wind Contest…

In Memory of Lissa, the horse I grew up with. You are always with me.

A Tanka in its five-line, 5/7/5/7/7 syllable count form.
Thank you to everyone who contributed to the Haiku Club's Lantern Festival Contest! =D (Big Grin)

Winner  First Place goes to light dodoitsu by Weidenlied

Sweet and shining, this paints a charming image of a child reading under the covers in bed.

Lantern Festival (dodoitsu)Smallest light in the darkness
makes hidden fantasies shine
a lone hero's golden blade
obscured by covers.

Winner  Second Place goes to any time now haiku by Formel

Great suspense and anticipation.

Any Time Nowsun-bathed
barren branches' buds
yet to pop

Winner  Third Place goes to fire haiku by EphemeralEloquence

Eye-popping imagery!  It is so easy to see and feel the movement of the flame.

FireSnapping ribbons twist
with vibrant grace and passion,
shedding sparks like tears.

It was so fun to read all the poems- I am hooked on the judging thing!

Special thanks go to RedDragonfly and saiun for judging the contest, and RedDragonfly and saiun for providing prizes.

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