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The Black Cat Brigade
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Tanabata is a Japanese star festival that celebrates the reunion of Orihime (Vega) and Hikoboshi (Altair).  According to legend they are separated by the Amanogawa (Milky Way, lit. "heavenly river") and may only meet once per year on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month.

In present-day Japan people generally celebrate this day by writing wishes, often in the form of poetry, on small pieces of paper called tanzaku.  They hang these on bamboo, sometimes with other decorations.

Select a Prompt

  Star! Write a wish in the form of a poem. For bonus points create your own tanzaku and submit a drawing, painting, or photo of it (maybe even tied to a tree) along with your poem.

   Bullet; Blue  Write about reunion with a person, place, or object important to you.

   Bullet; Purple  Write about the night sky.

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dogs transfixed
people stand back
snake crossing the path
8-5-15 RD

playful taunting
unwritten rules
respect then avoid  
8-6-15 SM2

screams of wrath
an outdoor cat
is visible at the window
8-8-15 RD

house staff reprimanded
feline superiority manifesto
reviewed once more
8-8-15 SM2

catnip every Sunday
brushing and canned food required
no baths
8-9-15 RD

anthem of praise
sung with heartfelt sincerity
...followed by fireworks
8-9-15 SM2

feline appreciation day party
especially for me-
I guess that other cat can come
8-9-15 RD

regional proclamation
one more bank holiday
sales everywhere
8-10-15 SM2

dog days all summer
how would we celebrate
cat days
8-10-15 RD

twelve hour naps
dining in...
ostrich feather fan
8-10-15 SM2

print some poems
about the cats
we attack the printer
8-10-15 RD

the saga of cats
worthy of song
and epic praise
8-11-15 SM2

feather toys will be waved
and cans opened
on cat appreciation day
8-14-15 RD

movie marathons
cat themed frivolity
sweeps across the nation
8-14-15 SM2

afternoon siestas
suggested by cats
great for humans as well
8-15-15 RD

afternoon slumbering at home...yes
slumbering whilst driving...
not so much
8-15-15 SM2

long day at work
turn up the radio
to stay awake
8-18-15 RD

crunch of gravel
sight of horses
8-19-15 SM2

distant whinny-
all the horses looking
to see who it is
8-24-15 RD

mutual consensus
whinnys in return
tapping conversations
8-26-15 SM2

manes flying
horses gallop
out to the pasture
8-27-15 RD

an outdoor temple
open air, silent worship
all of life...beautiful
8-27-15 SM2

so quiet in the pasture
I hear every word
the passing bicyclists say
8-28-15 RD

texting mundane...
equine conversations
far more interesting
8-29-15 SM2

every ear flick
twice as much meaning
as my clumsy typing
8-29-15 RD

equine subtlety
many shades found
within a whinny
8-30-15 SM2

bay bay bay bay bay
they all look so different to me
and the stable manager
8-31-15 RD

every beam festooned
garlands intertwined...
the chandelier a bit much
8-31-15 SM2
restless night
random explosions
make midnight a celebration?
7-5-15 RD

semi-charred marshmallows
tolerating relatives
sliding scale of sobriety
7-5-15 SM2

picnic guests
mosquito squadron
too itchy to handle
7-8-15 RD

citronella smoldering
Culicidae advance
hazy cloud... reinforcements
7-9-15 SM2

walking the rainy park
followed by dragonflies
good hunting, little ones!
7-9-15 RD

diminutive hunger
sated by morsels
seen with many eyes
7-10-15 SM2

every crumb carried away
line of ants stretching
across the table
7-10-15 RD

single file
orderly procession
Formicidae cadence sung
7-10-15 SM2

one fly catches the sun
over the river-
swallow swallows
7-12-15 RD

an upside-down sky
fins replace wings
on mid-summers eve
7-12-15 SM2

my silver unicornfish
just another beauty
of the morning reef
7-13-15 RD

ripples in the stars
reflections of koi
darting away
7-13-15 SM2

peaceful moon
floating between
the beaver lodges
7-14-15 RD

midnight brunch
beech or aspen
maybe leftovers?
7-14-15 RD

beautiful aspen-
both tasty
and perfect for building dams
7-14-15 SM2

new water feature
pleasing contours
next door moose jealous
7-14-15 RD

Next door moose
finds a swingset
to sharpen his antlers
7-16-15 SM2

woodland creatures
festive gathering
roasting marshmallows
7-16-15 RD

elders favored
for s'mores making-
12 point bucks
7-16-15 RD

hooves and paws
awkward at playing uke
fireside singalong nixed
7-16-15 SM2

elk bellow
soon coyotes join in
rabbits cover their ears
7-17-15 RD

crows gather
laughing at the spectacle
of amateur talent night
7-17-15 SM2

crows and blue jays
the corvid peanut gallery
smart-ass comments galore
7-17-15 RD

creative commentary
not very helpful, although
avine rap battle rather good
7-17-15 SM2

deer curled on the lawn
munching the flowers
watching the fireworks
7-18-15 RD

flowers first course
garden provides
an endless buffet
7-18-15 SM2

little foxes on the trampoline
until Mr. Bison tries
and squashes it
7-20-15 RD

Bison estate vast
water park soon constructed
the wonder of three states
7-20-15 SM2

Benevolent Bison
carries the white herons
on a private tour of the ponds
7-21-15 RD

guided tour includes
predictable puns
local history...and light snacking  
7-21-15 SM2

lines of ducks
paddle slowly-
self-guided tour
7-21-15 RD

above the surface
below the surface
equally fascinating
7-22-15 SM2

a school tour
guppies and minnows
7-22-15 RD

so many questions
everyone at once
curious answers
7-22-15 SM2

down the line
the question runs
and back to mother duck
7-24-15 RD

Anatidae wisdom
carefully guarded
dispersed when needed  
7-24-15 SM2

herons tiptoe
sneaking up
on sleeping fish
7-26-15 RD

from the bank
cicadas drone
hypnotic chant
7-26-15 SM2

trance dance
woodpeckers and cicadas
make the summer sing
7-28-15 RD

acoustic landscape
diverse and beautiful
for those who linger
7-28-15 SM2

wind in the trees barking dog
talk around the BBQ
summer music
7-29-15 RD

canine observations...
nefarious machinations
of woodland squirrels
7-29-15 SM2
in the tall grass
two shadows
stalk each other
6-1-15 RD

stealthy moves
taunt and poised
...someone blinks
6-1-15 SM2

breakfast time
yet one cat runs away
to steal the office chair
6-3-15 RD

nine tenths possession
irrefutable evidence
i have don't
6-3-15 SM2

by the time
I have the band-aid on
cats have the wrapper
6-7-15 RD

a furry blur
as paper relocates
to secret hiding place
6-7-15 SM2

after the plumber
the cats emerge
from their pocket dimension
6-9-15 RD

private universe
safely tucked
between unlikely places
6-10-15 SM2

from behind the dryer
black cat with white back
6-12-15 RD

crackling with static
fur pointing
in comical directions
6-12-15 SM2

cats cringe
overacting overreacting
to hands with lotion
6-13-15 RD

such drama
feline divas
ready for close-ups
6-13-15 SM2

posed dramatically
on the edge of the stair
then sliding down
6-15-15 RD

step, step...glide
fluid motion...such grace
eye twitch...then up the curtains
6-16-15 SM2

cat comes in the bathroom,
drops moth in the tub-
we lie in bed laughing at the ruckus
6-19-15 RD

nonplused by reaction
feline repertoire proves
much more extensive
6-19-15 SM2

late night catcalls
and then the thunder
as they chase each other
6-21-15 RD

dramatic poses...
window sill shadows
very Hammeresque
6-21-15 SM2

afternoon shadows
creep down the hall
silent cat feet
6-22-15 RD

far away sounds
the neighbors pipe organ
plays a dramatic chord
6-22-15 SM2
charming new friends
welcome us into their house
turtles resting in the sun
5-5-15 RD

amphibious conversation
plunking counterpoint
of acrobatic toads
5-5-15 SM2

walking home
toads croaking in the ditch
5-6-15 RD

starry night serenade
along divergent paths
many possibilities
5-7-15 SM2

chickadee song
slow and flat
in the wet weather
5-8-15 RD

a moments pause
the song alters
played on a kazoo
5-8-15 SM2

picture-perfect peaceful horses
one plops down
to roll in the mud
5-9-15 RD

others follow suit
very messy results...
but very happy horses
5-9-15 SM2

rainy morning pasture
which mudball
will come when I call?
5-11-15 RD

naughty children with hooves
pretending they are clean
still want to hug them all
5-11-15 SM2

shedding season
rolling in the mud
feels good
5-12-15 RD

brush and bucket
an hours work
squeaky clean equine
5-12-15 SM2

finally clean and dry
my beautiful horse
rolls in the dust
5-13-15 RD

horses allowed
such expression
humans not so much
5-13-15 SM2

don't brush the dog
brush me
the cleaning of cats is never done
5-14-15 RD

allocated time
the peaceful way
when critters are many
5-14-15 SM2

too quiet
I start looking
for trouble
5-17-15 RD

furry lookout
sees approach
gives signal...act normal
5-17-15 SM2

sorry, cats--
this snake
is not your new toy
5-18-15 RD

reluctant compliance
for twenty-three seconds
then back to taunting
5-18-15 SM2

mighty hunters meow
for their prey to be returned
as I set the snake free
5-19-15 RD

sulky feline angst
life so unfair
to whiskered ones
5-19-15 SM2

Cats want to go outside
so stop this rain
and open the door
5-21-15 RD

a glance towards the umbrella
...a glance towards the human
...we are waiting
5-21-15 SM2

rude drawing on the sidewalk
washed away
morning rain
5-22-15 RD

ripples and eddies
tiny islands of detritus
insects marooned
5-23-15 SM2

huge thunder
sounds like a war zone
animals all hidden
5-23-15 RD

another strike
much louder than first
animals have company
5-23-15 SM2

big thunderstorm
we're curled up on the couch
cats under the blanket
5-24-15 RD

a flicker then dark...
warm glow of candles
toasting marshmallows
5-24-15 SM2

danger zone
put down the catnip
and slowly back away
5-25-15 RD

tides of fortune
altered by means
of can opener
5-25-15 SM2

so tired from the dog park
she hasn't even
cleaned up the cat dishes
5-26-15 RD

simple solutions
suggested by canines
...paper plates are cheap
5-26-15 SM2

the ferocious dog
tears his prey
paper towel tube
5-27-15 RD

an epic battle...
waged from kitchen
to livingroom sofa
5-27-15 SM2

lights out
somewhere a cat calls
"chase me!"
5-30-15 RD

momentum building
a streak of fur...
the games begin
5-31-15 SM2
bag of dog food
set down for a minute
pouring from cat-clawed hole
4-1-15 RD

surreptitious inquiry
physics the bane of cats
circumstantial evidence
4-1-15 SM2

snowy afternoon
my man and his cat
sharing the couch
4-2-15 RD

quantum physics
space and time shared
for cats this is easy
4-2-15 SM2

time and space
two cats
merge into one lap blanket
4-3-15 RD

nebulous cloud
ever expanding
wafting cat hair
4-3-15 SM2

signs of battle
black cat hair tufts
on the stairs
4-4-15 RD

bare feet collect
feline filament strands
as if by magic
4-4-15 SM2

cat watches the street
until it is cleared
willpower or school bell?
4-5-15 RD

looking left, looking right
left paw in, second thoughts fight
a moments pause 'cause kitty is bright
4-7-15 SM2

mysterious shadows
my house is haunted
by cats
4-7-15 RD

can opener summons
one moment absent
surrounded the next  
4-8-15 SM2

a terrifying claw
from under the door
sends the dog running
4-8-15 RD

countertop feast
momentary victory
4-9-15 SM2

a bite off my plate for the cats
too much recipe
they eat the dog food
4-9-15 RD

such is the burden  
sophisticated taste buds
are not to be questioned
4-9-15 SM2

store-bought $10 cat treats
dried leaf yes
4-10-15 RD

complex, buttery tannins
an elegant, flavorful boutique
a bit like squirrel
4-10-15 SM2

spring morning
grass starting to green
horses love the dandelions
4-11-15 RD

a nibble here, a nibble there
all about the field
self-serve dining  
4-12-15 SM2

not much grass
horses search the pasture
for the best bites
4-13-15 RD

clever equines order out,
fresh clover, hay and apples
love those gift cards
4-13-15 SM2

carrot cake
apple streudel
anything the birthday horse wants
4-15-15 RD

comfy warm blanket
aromatherapy bath
it's good to be horse
4-15-15 SM2

horses blanketed
dogs dried
now for MY bath
4-16-15 RD

curled up, toasty warm
fleece and fur contributing
to the evenings comfort
4-17-15 SM2

dinner guests
after lurking a while
cats find new laps
4-20-15 RD

islands of serenity
contingent on
many factors
4-20-15 SM2

coughing morning
tea brewed
meds packed
4-21-15 RD

therapeutic pause
can opener summons
cat therapy begins
4-22-15 SM2

healing purrs
warm cat
better than heating pad
4-24-15 RD

wrapped in blankets
covered in cats
rain outside...perfect bliss
4-24-15 SM2

cold rain
dog walked
while cats watch from the window
4-26-15 RD

sharp tap, then subtle smile
held aloft, a set of keys
cats can be sneaky
4-26-15 SM2

just a sprinkle today
cats brave
the windowsill
4-27-15 RD

higher vantage point required
curtains ascension top priority
magnificent view of kitchen
4-27-15 SM2

from bookcase-height
cats observe
their domain
4-29-15 RD

beneficent ruler
whose demands are few
unless food is involved
4-29-15 SM2

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