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The Black Cat Brigade
United States
Current Residence: born NV, now CO
Personal Quote: It IS one word, and I haven't finished it yet.
Had some pieces published by Brass Bell

Candi Cooper-Towler

working late crescent moon balancing Mars on her head

windswept beach  voices escape  the smell of seaweed

old photos that horse is gone but I still have the saddle

silver rain a moment's sun on this stormy day


My horse whinnies when he sees me- he has a thin coating of snow on his back already and he's pacing, blowing steam. He's cold. Sherlock snuffles his warm breath and icy whiskers at my hands looking for the mint, and takes it. I throw the blanket over his back, unfolding it, searching for the snaps of the front. I clip those just before another horse comes looking for treats and Sherlock bites him and drives him off. The blanket slides but the front is closed and it doesn't fall too badly. "Whoa!" And he stands while I straighten the blanket, crouch to reach under him for the flapping belly straps that he sometimes kicks at, but not today. "Whoa, stand there, stand, good boy," I chant softly. I grab the swinging strap, twist the T into its matching U to hold it firm, grab the other, twist it in, and stand back, rubbing my hands. Sherlock reaches back, feeling for me with his lips as he can't see me where I am, and I get another mint from my pocket, feel the lips take it, and enjoy the smell as he crunches it.

numb fingers fumbling
at cold buckles-
horse blanket secure
clouds passing by
little black cat
waiting at the window
Put Cat- in memory of John
For :iconnunheh: , you will be missed.
afternoon sun
slanting onto the couch
cat stretched full-length
10-2-14 RD

particles of cat hair
wafting through the air
...clearly visible
10-2-14 SM2

nose prints all over
window not opened for a week
10-7-14 RD

two steps back...pondering
impressionistic? abstract?
Pavlov's Picasso
10-7-14 SM2

signs of recent scuffle
black tufts of hair
show the battle lines
10-8-14 RD

serene chaos...
visual commentary
nonchalant wagging
10-8-14 SM2

kitten stalking
wagging dog tail
10-9-14 RD

wary hunter and
clever foe...
the odds are now even
10-9-14 SM2

so happy we're playing
tail faster and faster
10-10-14 RD

visual acuity
10-10-14 SM2

grasshopper leg
plopped down on my keyboard
with a purr
10-13-14 RD

insect foe vanquished
the legions flee before whiskers and paws
once more...crisis averted
10-13-14 SM2

in the driveway
a grasshopper missing a leg-
kitten attack survivor
10-13-14 RD

toothpick, twine and tiny spring
miniscule limb reattached
envy of others
10-13-14 SM2

seven-leg spiders
and circle-leaping grasshoppers
outdoor cat survivors' club
10-14-14 RD

unlikely support group
sharing woes
beneath the hedge
10-14-14 SM2

my neglected garden-
the last healthy plant
making crookneck squash
10-15-14 RD

evening...misty rain
four footed guardians return
...fresh outdoor dog smell
10-15-14 SM2

overcast night-
I can't remember
if it's a new moon
10-17-14 RD

dining room chandelier
interior constellation flickering star  
10-17-14 SM2

watching the light
dancing on the wall
reflection off my watch
10-19-14 RD

transfixed by motion
whiskered guardian
pounces once...then again
10-19-14 SM2

so bright
gold tree against grey sky
I squint against the beauty
10-22-14 RD

evening slips in place
in between the brightness of days
to the chorus of crows
10-22-14 SM2

grey clouds
charging off to the East
carrying their water with them
10-22-14 RD

horsey shaped shadows
converging...beautiful thunder
into the
10-22-14 SM2

tap tap
the horse is drowsing
as the nails go in
10-23-14 RD

tap, tap...glide...tap, tap
across the stage and open field
10-23-14 SM2

new-mown field
the pintos are running
wild color and light
10-24-14 RD

warming sun...dreaming
sky, wind, horse and heart
tangled together
10-24-14 SM2

autumn morning
warming the shaggy horses
sleeping in the sun
10-26-14 RD

rattle of gate...
soon, no longer alone
breakfast with friends  
10-26-14 SM2

happy autumn gathering
afternoon ride
apples for everyone
10-26-14 RD

ridges in exquisite hues
sensory tangles...distant smoke
...a beautiful day
10-26-14 SM2

smell of smoke
golden leaves bright
against grey cloud
10-27-14 RD

sweet scent of horse and hay
fields awash with light and weeds
watched by crows
10-27-14 SM2

my husband driving
I watch them go by
black cows black crows
10-29-14 RD

crescent moon and Mars
front porch steps...evening chill
hot coco and s'mores
10-29-14 SM2

frosty morning
smell of bacon
finally wakes the husband
10-30-14 RD

french toast and syrup...
perfect blend of coffee single cat hair
10-30-14 SM2

cat cheerfully tugging
the tea bag string-
then mad she got wet
10-30-14 RD

canine feigning sleep
kitchen drama...ruse detected
tail wagging first clue
10-31-14 SM2
2014 Dragon2th Renga- October
:iconscottman2th: and I started this renga in comments on Beaches Haiku Set, and we've continued so long it was getting difficult to see the comment stack. So here is the NINTEENTH set from October 2014.
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December 2013
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July 2014

2014 Dragon2th Renga- August
August 2014

2014 Dragon2th Renga- September
September 2014
standing in the barn
watching the riders
scramble in from the rain
9-1-14 RD

resident canines
over-joyed by arrival
cats on hay...texting  
9-1-14 SM2

first cool morning
horses snorting steam
when they touch the earth
9-3-14 RD

quiet sounds...whispers
stirrings from the field
silhouettes and dew
9-3-14 SM2

in the grass
a curl of spots
that suddenly rattles!
9-4-14 RD

mr. no shoulders
directional commentary
horses not amused
9-5-14 SM2

everybody back up
rattle rattle
somebody needs their space
9-6-14 RD

no witty banter
alternate route taken
everyone happy
9-6-14 SM2

when faced with
step aside
9-7-14 RD

respecting all life
wise choices prevent
9-7-14 SM2

friendly man
aggressive dog
9-8-14 RD

assertive canine
taking house staff
on walkies
9-8-14 SM2

doing laps
at the dog park
following her is a workout
9-9-14 RD

paths diverge...tangents beckon
other distractions...look! squirrel!
sunset hours off
9-10-14 SM2

chattering squirrel
you can sit on the neighbor's house
all you like
9-11-14 RD

arboreal sentry
keeping watch, twitching tail
moving car...act cute
9-11-14 SM2

blue jay on high branch-
eyeing my cereal
through the kitchen window?
9-12-14 RD

window entry...
modus operandi
of many a squirrel
9-13-14 SM2

collection of grasshoppers
the kitten saved
out of the trash
9-14-14 RD

placed in order
sorted by size...
and crunchiness
9-14-14 SM2

kitten's grasshoppers
pinging around
under my desk
9-15-14 RD

insect safari
distant sounds...conversations
the hunt continues
9-15-14 SM2

late summer fly
buzzes through-
dog in pursuit
9-16-14 RD

aerial gymnastics
calculated precision
possible allies
9-16-14 SM2

leaping cat brings down a fly
slowly peels his claws back
and watches it escape
9-17-14 RD

canine faining sleep
wagging tail...ruse detected
laughing at cats
9-17-14 SM2

after the dog park
flat out panting
while cats examine her feet
9-18-14 RD

proper stretch an yawn
memories of glorious past
worshiped on the Nile
9-19-14 SM2

watching over the kingdom
from the height
of the cat tree
9-19-14 RD

regal and serene
dutifully beneficent may approach
9-19-14 SM2

When you're working
cats want attention-
then run away
9-21-14 RD

mysterious forces
attract and repel...
cats in a nutshell
9-22-14 SM2

lost collar
who is this
mysterious cat?
9-23-14 RD

whisker twitch...swish of tail
silent whispers...silent paws
the time share feline has arrived
9-23-14 SM2

my husband
bribing the cat
to leave his office chair
9-24-14 RD

kitchen bribery...
negotiations resume
can opener card played
9-24-14 SM2

house rules
cats will have breakfast
one second after the alarm
9-25-14 RD

canines concur...
physics experiment game
food dish...steps...loud noise
9-25-14 SM2

no more dog food?
dish becomes toy
down the stairs under the couch
9-30-14 RD

displacing cats
midday slumber broken
choice remarks uttered
9-30-14 SM2
2014 Dragon2th Renga- September
:iconscottman2th: and I started this renga in comments on Beaches Haiku Set, and we've continued so long it was getting difficult to see the comment stack. So here is the EIGHTEENTH set from September 2014.
January and February 2013
March and April
May and June
December 2013
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July 2014

2014 Dragon2th Renga- August
August 2014

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